Rationed opened at the Vittoria Street Gallery, in Birmingham’s School of Jewellery. This touring exhibition was launched with a ‘talking practice’ event, hosted by Zoe Robertson and in conversation with Sian Hindle. The discussion was introduced with a poetry reading by Jo Pond.

Descended from generations of habitual collectors, Jo Pond embraces her legacy, working with misplaced memories to create jewellery and objects which pass on something indefinable, as the women before her passed on genes, mannerisms and traits. The writings of Lily Pond née Liberty, and the materials associated with the period around the Second World War, are incorporated and recreated to continue the line, sharing the essence of stories of the wartime domestic, stories which can no longer be shared by word of mouth.

Through this touring exhibition, Jo Pond has found others wanting to contribute their own stories, stories handed down to them by their mothers, stories full of those little detailed memories, stirred by inanimate objects, which somehow serve to resonate and remind. This online space will hopefully evolve to include and share some of these stories, in order to share the memories of our foremothers, memories which are rarely put down in writing.

If these works have stirred memories and conversations within your own family, please do get in touch!