Lily Pond

Lily Pond, nee Liberty,  was born in Morden, Surrey.

Mother to two boys and grandmother (Nanny) to three grandchildren, she disliked her wonderful name, choosing to be known as ‘Nicky’ Pond. Lily was married to George. They were born on the same street, bathed side by side as babies and grew up to marry, spending the rest of their lives together.

Lily loved pin-curls, as depicted in the photograph within the collage above. She kept hold of everything and anything useful and the suspender clips were amongst the items found in her sewing box, after she died.

Lily created the most wonderful poetry treasure hunts, typed on her trusty typewriter and often over-typed to correct. These slips of paper were hidden around her house to the joy of her grandchildren, who would be rewarded at the end with some trinket or another, often sourced from her travels with George.

It is the life depicted through the diaries of Lily, which were saved and stored in empty cigar boxes and passed onto her granddaughter Jo, which have inspired this body of work.